High Quality Picture Technology - This video cassette recorder marked "HQ" incorporates VHS high quality technology. A built-in detail enhancer is used to boost the recorded signal and provide maximum picture quality in playback. It is compatible with other VHS video cassette recorders.


4 Video Heads - Provides optimal picture quality for special effects playback.


Hi-Fi Stereo Sound - With a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz and a dynamic range of better than 85dB, this VCR provides a level of excellence that rivals compact discs.


8-Program/1-Month Programmable Timer with Everyday/Every Week Capability - The built-in timer allows automatic absentee recording of up to 8 TV programs within 1month. It is also possible to record a program which is broadcast at the same time everyday or every week.


On-Screen Display and Programming - When you select a channel or make other changes, the TV will show an indicator on the screen for a few seconds. Clock settings, timer setting and other set-up operations can be carried out using the on-screen display menu system.


Digital Auto Tracking - Automatically adjusts tracking during playback for the best possible picture.


181 Channel Tuner - Receives standard VHF and UHF broadcast channels and up to 113 cable channels.


One-Touch Timer Recording (OTR) - Simply by pressing the REC/OTR button, the VCR can be programmed for up to 5 hours of recording with an immediate start.


Automatic Power On - When loading a cassette tape, this VCR will automatically turn on.


Automatic Playback - When loading a cassette tape without the erase prevention tab, this VCR will automatically turn on and play back the cassette tape at the correct speed.


Automatic Rewind-Stop-Eject-Power Off - When a tape reaches its end during playback and recording, it will automatically stop, rewind, stop, eject the tape and the VCR will turn off.


Automatic Repeat Play System - When the AUTO REPEAT option is turned on, this VCR will automatically

play back the same cassette tape repeatedly.


On-Screen 3 Language Display - You can select one of 3 languages; English, Spanish or French, for on-screen programming.


Variable Speed Slow Motion - This VCR provides Variable speed slow motion which offers steady, noise free playback at 1/5-1/30 normal speed.


Frame by Frame Advance - Press the SLOW button during still playback to advance the tape one frame at a time.


Skip Search - When the SKIP SEARCH button is pressed during playback, the VCR will automatically search forward in 30 seconds increments to a maximum of 3 minutes with each press of the SKIP SEARCH button, and then return to normal playback.


Real Time Tape Counter with Zero Return - The counter displays on the screen the elapsed time in hours, minutes and seconds and can be used to locate programs.


TV Monitor - When the TV MONI. (Monitor) button on the remote control is pressed during playback, the TV

channel selected on the VCR can be viewed.


Channel Skip - An unwanted channel can be deleted when using the CHANNEL  UP or  DOWN button.


2 Speed Picture Search - 3 or 5 times normal speed in SP mode (7X or 9X in LP and 9X or 15X in SLP).



3Speed Record/Playback - Records and plays three tape speeds (SP, LP, SLP).


Stereo/SAP Reception - This VCR is designed to receive stereo and separate audio program (SAP) broad-casts where available.


Front Audio/Video In Jacks - A VCR or other video device may be hooked up for dubbing.